Deathbed Etiquette Guide Inspires a Poem by the Hospice Poet

Deathbed Etiquette Guide Inspires a Poem by the Hospice Poet

Dr Phil Isherwood, the Bolton Hospice Poet has been inspired to write a poem on the back of the publication of the Deathbed Etiquette Guide. Dr Phil is a volunteer at Bolton Hospice where he helps each person to be amazed at their life. Thank you Dr Phil for your work and for the poem.

I Am Dying, Perhaps Today

Listen well, in this way of love.
Learn. Remember. It is about me.
If you’re concerned, do get help
With whatever you may see.

Take a break, keep your strength
Protect the space you form around.
Search for memories, music plays
Find the peace in beautiful sounds.

Be sure to connect, family, friends
Gadgets, social, news, press ‘send’.
Bring the children, let them choose
To see it’s natural, share the end.

I’ll need to sleep, quite a lot!
And my ramblings may surprise
Have no fear, it’s quite ok
Mystery’s part of being wise.

Important words, perhaps our last
‘I’m sorry’, ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’.
Or sit with me, just hold my hand
There is much more in silence true.

I may die when you’re away
Please, don’t fret, it’s quite ok
Time is time, death is death
It may be meant to be this way

Like the way my breath will falter
My throat to make odd sounds
Be reassured, this is the way,
The ending comes around.

Now, be brave and say ‘goodbye’
When it seems my time has come.
You must accept I’m dying now.
I’m free to go. You carry on.


August 2019
Inspired by ‘Deathbed Etiquette’
The Art of Dying Well (St Mary’s University)
Phil Isherwood
Bolton Hospice Poet

Deathbed Etiquette Guide


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