Welcome to the home of The Art of Dying Well podcast. These programmes aim to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear. Our award-winning podcast features an interview with a guest on a key topic, moving on to a little 'Death Chatter' before finishing with the 'Voice from the Bedside Chair'.

7th May 2022

Episode 29: Living well, ageing well, and dying well

Our latest podcast explores living well and companionship at the end of life. Can art teach us more about living well? And can creativity enhance our lives even as we move towards death? We chat to art expert Lynne Hanley, and Alejandra Fong of our End of Life Companionship project with the St Vincent de Paul Society.

13th March 2022

Episode 28: The Art of Listening Well

Our latest podcast explores how we break bad news, console others, explore feelings and everything else that’s involved in having those meaningful conversations in the face of challenging circumstances. We chat to Dr Kathryn Mannix and poet Audrey Ardern-Jones.

23rd November 2021

Episode 27: Men and Grief

We’ve all heard the stereotypes… men aren’t good with their emotions. Men don’t talk about things close to their hearts. It’s all ‘stiff upper lip’ and ‘show must go on’. So what happens when a man’s dying? Or suffers a bereavement? That’s what we’re exploring on this ‘Art of Dying Well’ podcast.

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The Art of Dying Well