Latest podcast: Living well, ageing well, and dying well

Our latest podcast explores living well and companionship at the end of life. Can art teach us more about living well? And can creativity enhance our lives even as we move towards death? We also look at the importance of companionship and how community and support can help us all to be in a good place at the end of life. We’re joined by ‘friend of the show’ and returning guest, the marvellous Lynne Hanley. An art expert and founder of Beyond the Palette art tours, Lynne takes us on a journey through some great art as well as looking at some of the visual narrative of the original art of dying well, the Ars Moriendi. ‘The Voice from the Bedside Chair’ comes from Alejandra Fong, of the St Vincent De Paul Society. Alejandra heads up the Art of Dying Well and St Vincent De Paul Society’s End of Life Companionship Project, an important initiative training volunteers to become end of life companions.

You can listen via the link below, or from our podcasts page, or on Buzzsprout, where you can sign up for future episodes.

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The Art of Dying Well