Welcome to the home of The Art of Dying Well podcast. Our podcast aims to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear. Presented by James Abbott, our award-winning show features James in conversation with a guest on a key topic related to the Art of Dying Well, taking in everything from being at the bedside of a dying loved one, to receiving a terminal diagnosis. Coping with grief, bereavement, death, dying, and much more are all under discussion.

23rd November 2021

Episode 27: Men and Grief

We’ve all heard the stereotypes… men aren’t good with their emotions. Men don’t talk about things close to their hearts. It’s all ‘stiff upper lip’ and ‘show must go on’. So what happens when a man’s dying? Or suffers a bereavement? That’s what we’re exploring on this ‘Art of Dying Well’ podcast.

4th September 2021

Episode 26: Grief in the Classroom

It has been a very strange 18 months for young people – not just at home but in our schools too. Coping with death and dying as a young person is not easy. How does this play out in the classroom? How can our teachers equip themselves to best support their pupils going through such a trauma?

30th July 2021

Episode 25: Diagnosing Dying

Diagnosing dying is a very difficult subject. What happens when you get the news that nobody wants? How do you cope with a diagnosis that changes everything? We’re looking at how we can listen to, accompany and support a loved one who has received a terminal diagnosis.

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The Art of Dying Well