Welcome to the home of our Art of Dying Well podcasts. These monthly programmes aim to make death and dying something we can talk about openly without discomfort or fear. Each month we interview a guest on a key topic, engage in a little ‘death chatter’ before getting the 'View from the Chaplain’s chair’.

6th February 2018

Episode 10: Love, Loss and Coping

This month’s podcast features an extended interview with BBC financial journalist Sally Bundock – co-presenter of the BBC’s flagship business programme ‘Business Live’. Sally’s story is moving and inspiring. Sadly last Summer, after an eight-year battle with cancer, her husband Paul died. Devastating – especially when you leave a wife and three young children behind – but in the face of this grief, Sally is strong, positive and gives a great example of Christian witness.

19th December 2017

Episode 9: Music and Consolation

This month’s podcast focuses on music. Whether it acts as the soundtrack to our lives or as consolation at a time of grief, music is at the heart of the human experience. We get a really interesting perspective from Eric Clarke, an Oxford University Professor, look at an online memorial tool called mylastsoundtrack.com and finish with a great piece on Requiems – the music of mourning.

10th November 2017

Episode 8: Remembrance

November’s podcast continues the theme of remembrance. It is right that we remember the fallen of our wars and conflicts, and we do so, but we also wanted to shine a light on how other cultures, traditions and faiths commemorate and pray for their dead. We listen to four interesting perspectives. ‘Death Chatter’ shifts the discussion to whether we are ever in danger of disrespecting the dead and we finish with our ‘Chaplain’s Chair’ reflection from Bishop John Sherrington.

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